The importance of having a user-friendly website

The importance of having a user-friendly website

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The website is one of the most important assets of a business and has less than 10 seconds in order to gain a visitor’s interest. It is essential for a business website to be credible, professional and offer a great online experience in order to increase the chances to convert the visitors into clients.

The definition of a user-friendly website

A website is considered to be user-friendly when it contributes to a great user-experience (UX) and ensures that visitors can navigate and obtain certain information easily, effectively and effortlessly. For this reason, web design must be user-orientated in order to grab the visitor’s attention.

Characteristics of a user-friendly website

Clean Layout and Structure

A clean and professional website is well organized, structured and accessible. Its design is focused on the target audience and visitors must have an easy, effortless, and pleasant experience.

Simple Navigation Design

The website's navigation structure must be clean and simple. Visitors must be able to find what they need easily and quickly, and navigate through the website without having to wander around the site and get frustrated until they find what they are looking for.

Original Content

The website's content must be unique, original, engaging, focused on the visitors' needs and evoke their emotions.

Beautiful Design

The outstanding design makes a great impression and gets the visitors' to check out the rest website.

Fast Loading Speed

Ideally, the website must load within three seconds. Otherwise, there is a great chance the visitors to abandon the website without waiting any longer for the slow content to load.

Easy to Read

Hierarchy, headings, contrast, selected fonts, content structure and use of white space are some techniques that help the visitor to scan the website and find important information quickly.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive website is designed to adjust its appearance dynamically across devices having screens of different sizes and orientations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of getting pages to rank higher in search engines such as Google in organic search results.
In conclusion, a good website grabs the visitors’ attention, provokes their emotions, and gives them easily what they need.

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